Call For Articles to be Published on June 2023


Dear authors and readers of Al-Iqtishadiyah : Ekonomi Syariah dan Hukum Ekonomi Syariah.

We are glad to announce that our journal is now accredited in Sinta 4. As for the future, we plan to develop it further according to the international standards. Therefore, starting from the first edition of 2023, WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT AND PUBLISH ARTICLES WRITTEN IN ENGLISH.

For that, all current submission written in Indonesian will be rejected, but we do encourage and hope the authors to kindly resubmit their articles after translation.

To standardize the published articles, we also plan to change our article template and requirement, which will be uploaded soon in journal/article template section. Some requirements that we can currently share are below:

  1. The articles should have less than 20% similarities which will be checked using Turnitin in default settings.
  2. Names of the authors, institutions, and emails should not be written in the submitted articles. Instead, make sure to correctly fill all metadata in the submission process. This will help us to ensure all reviews to be conducted in double blind system.
  3. Articles written by (or with) international authors will be prioritized.
  4. Abstract should be less than 300 words, which contain clear but short purposes, methods, and findings, and originality.
  5. There are at least three key words written in alphabetical order.
  6. Introduction should contain clear research background, previous researches in a similar theme, originality, and research purposes.
  7. Literature review of quantitative research should have clear theoretical background for the hypothesis.
  8. Literature review of qualitative research should have clear theoretical development in historical order.
  9. Research method should be brief and clear without any unneeded definitions.
  10. Qualitative research method should at least contain type of research, type of approach, source of data, data collection technique, and analytical technique.
  11. Quantitative research method should at least contain reasons for choosing the research location, reasons for determining samples, measurement sources, data collection technique, and analytical technique.
  12. Findings should be in accordance with the previous sections.
  13. Conclusions should be clear and brief, and is not a direct copy of results in abstract.
  14. Conclusions should also contain suggestions for future researches.
  15. Have at least 20 references, which mostly (at least 80%) consist of newest articles or researches (5 years old max).
  16. All citations and bibliography are written in APA (6th Edition) style, using Zotero as reference management, as we might request for the RIS file to help us in copy-editing and lay-outing.

ALL ARTICLES WHICH DO NOT FULFILL THOSE REQUIREMENTS WOULD BE MOST LIKELY REJECTED. Thus, we suggest all authors to really pay attention to those requirements.

We also plan to fasten our process, which was usually around six months, to two-three months max. To do that, we might request for Article Processing Charge (APC) to help us cover all expenses, including yearly payment of Turnitin, DOI, and so on.

That’s all we can say for now. We hope this can help all authors in producing their articles.

January, 2023
Editorial Team

Posted: 2023-01-27
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