Ermina Syainah(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


In Indonesia, the need for wheat flour as basic ingredient of noodle is increasingly in quantity along with raise of the population. For reason to keep production cost of noodle and reducing the dependence to imported product, a strategy to reduce the content of wheat flour in a noodle product and substitute it by local materials was undertaken. The process well known as mixed flour or composite flour. The aims of this research were to know the optimal formulation of composite flour and water in making process of wet noodle and dry noodle and to perform the feasibility for development of noodle home industry. The ingredients for composite flour consist of wheat flour (tt), alabio flour (ta), seluang fish flour (tis), and pare flour (tp). This research was performed in Food Technology Laboratory, Department of Nutrient, Banjarmasin Polytechnic for Health, and Microbiology Laboratory and Analysis for Material and Product of Industry, Department of Agro-industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural, Lambung Mangkurat University. For research design, a Fully Randomized Design together with Nested Factorial Design and Friedmen test as method of consumer preferences study were performed actually. The five formulation of composite flour comprise of p1 (90% : 2,5% : 2,5% : 5%),  p2 (80% : 7,5% : 7,5% : 5%), p3 (70% : 12,5% : 12,5% : 5%), p4 (60% : 17,5% : 17,5% : 5%), p5  (50% : 22,5% : 22,5% : 5%), they were first treatment factor. The second treatment factor is the water concentration (27% v/v and 40% v/v). The evaluation was performed to the content of nutrients, consumer preferences, and product characteristics. From the nutrients evaluation, the formulation of p2 with 40% of water concentration showed the best value for normal diet. In other side, the p4 formulation showed the high in fiber, starch, and potassium which good recommendation for low fat diet. Based of consumer preferences study using 25 panelists, the p2 showed the best performance. In addition, based on the feasibility study, the p2 with 40% of water was also recommended for application in industry.

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