Muhammad Hadini(1*), Muhammad Alfani(2)

(*) Corresponding Author


This study uses bivariate relationships between independent variables with the dependent variable promotion policies in sales volume of products tailor services. In exploring the data using interview techniques, questionnaires and documentary samples obtained from 12 respondents in Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur. The data are arranged according to the ordinal scale of low level, less, medium, high and very high. For quantification of data, then the results of respondents answers to the questionnaire rated the score with a level 5. low level and given a score of 1 to very high levels were scored 5. Analysis of the data used in statistical tests by using a comparison between hypo-theses H0 and H1. To determine whether H0 or H1 accepted or rejected, use the formula r product moment correlation coefficients were compared with correlation coefficient r in table r of Pearson. R value for N is 12 with a significance level or confidence level of 95% is 0.576. So the correlation coefficient promotion policy variables with a variable volume of sales of services tailor products found (r count = 0.83) greater than r tables. then it can be stated that the correlation coefficient both variables studied were significant, then H0 refused and H1 accepted which means there is a relationship between policy variables with a variable volume of sales promotion services tailor clothing products. Using the product moment formula of Pearson known that r = 0.83, meaning that the relationship between the variables with the volume of sales promotion services tailor products is very strong positive, the enhanced promotion policy variables, the sales volume of products tailor services is increasing. Promotional products made by UMK tailor in Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur was still low to moderate or less intensively at only 67% of all respondents surveyed in a position below the average score value of 2.4. Therefore, future research is expected to emerge similar to the employers who have large capital on the same type of business. Is there a difference between the promotion of UMK tailor made clothes in small-scale (small capital) compared to the company's large-scale tailors clothes (big capital) in relation to increased sales volume. The linkage between the variables with the variable volume of sales promotions in this study contained between variables (intervening variable) as a factor test of the relations between the two variables and the intervening variable is the quality of the product. Because although the promotion was so intensively conducted if product quality is not good, consumers will not be willing to make a purchase, so there was no increase in sales volume. To find out how far the influence of independent variables, intervening variables with the dependent variable and how the position of each variable, whether free or bound, it is necessary to further analysis using analytical techniques appropriate to the needs that exist.

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