Rr. Ariessanty Alicia Kusuma Wardhani, Mohan Taufiq Mashuri


The goal of this research is analyze the evaluation instruments used in the final
exam of the semester .This analysis is the validity and reliability. Validity consists of
the level of distress and distinguishing power. This research has done on the a chemical
bond course for college students of education study chemical Islamic university of
Borneo (Uniska Arsyad Muhammad Al-Banjary) of fourth semester of the academic
2014 .
A method of collecting data on this research used engineering documentation.
This research used methods descriptive quantitative. Quantitative analysis of multiple
choice used iteman program version 3.0. A qualitative analysis of multiple choice to be
in accord with all the aspects of matter (content), construction and structure of the
Based on the results of that analysis known about final exam a chemical bond
consisting of 27.5% difficult , 55% easily enough , 15% easy and 2.5 % very easy. The
overall difficulty exam level is good enough .The analysis result of differentiating
resources there are about 10% bad , 25% good enough , 47.5% good and 17.5 %
excellent. Based on the results, it’s just good enough , good and very good that can be
used once . The reability analysis result is 0,854 indicates that final exam chemical bond
given to students having high precision
Based on research can be concluded that validity test in accordance with the standards
test but required improvement some questions. The questions is on a good enough level
of difficulity

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